20 Years of maihiro 

What has happened so far 

In 2000 there were about three billion toothbrushes, zero Facebook users and zero iPhones. Today, 20 years later, it’s being said that 600 million iPhones are in use worldwide and the number of Facebook users has increased to 1.9 billion. On the other hand, only about 3.5 billion people of the world population own a toothbrush. 

No matter how absurd these comparisons seem, they all have a message: Some things stay the same, some things come and some go. And maihiro? In its 20th anniversary year, its acquisition by Accenture marks the start of a new Customer Experience (CX) era.

But let’s slow down and go back to the beginning. The adventure began in 2000 with three friends and an idea: To put the focus on people and to treat people like people, including in business life.


2002: The vision behind living CRM

A new way of thinking creates measurable sales success.

Loyal customer relationships provide new sales opportunities. New motivation through continuous sales success. A new business strategy will only ever be successful if it comes from the gut of the company. 

Bernd Hesse, maihiro GmbH


Vision 2008: 

"People - Processes - Technologies: CRM in a nutshell."

maihiro GmbH


Vision 2019: 

"People - Processes - Technologies: Customer Centricity."


Is that even possible? Oh yeah, you can bet on it. While at the end of the second fiscal year there were just two employees who lived the motto of focusing on people with their three friends – maihiro management composed of Uwe May, Bernd Hesse and Marc Roes; the number has now grown to 170 “maihiros”. And they of course, have also experienced the following events:


At maihiro the employees are and have always been a focus. And when that’s the case, work can be done successfully. We have now been able to convince over 400 companies of this in over 1,500 projects.


But we have convinced more than just our customers through our actions and our philosophy, which makes up a very large part of this business. 20 years ago the three of us started the journey, now it is time to take this journey to a new, higher level. With the acquisition by Accenture, there’s nothing standing in the way. We are looking forward to it and are ready for the new era of CX.

The maihiro Journey

Find out how our story being told here looks like live and in color, and what former employees, customers and partners have to say about 20 years of maihiro in the video: 

20 years maihiro: The maihiro Journey im Video

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maihiro Celebrates its 20th Anniversary on Mallorca 

maihiro "class trip" to Mallorca: We celebrated the start of our anniversary year in a very special setting. On Mallorca we reveled together in old memories and heralded a new era with our colleagues from Accenture. Inspiration can be found here: