Values and commitment

The foundation of our corporate culture consists of key values that we have developed and defined together. These values form the basis for our cooperation within the team and with our customers and partners.

Our values


When we look at our employees, we see them first of all as individuals, accept each of them with their characteristic traits, respond to their needs and take into account their personal capabilities. We offer each other mutual support and are on friendly terms with each other. As we see it, business is always done between people.


We recognize the various skills and personalities of our employees and are tolerant of different opinions and approaches. Because we are very well aware that a heterogeneous team, properly mobilized and cultivated, is the best foundation for innovation and productivity. Our constructive cooperative partnership is characterized by an active process of giving and taking.

Solution Orientation

We adopt a customer-oriented approach to our work, which, for us, particularly means understanding and representing customer interests. In doing so, we act in a pragmatic, flexible and goal-oriented manner. We give our employees freedom and responsibility and consider mistakes to be valuable experiences through which we as a company learn and grow.

Justice and Fairness

It is important to us to make decisions that are transparent, fair and comprehensible, because we know that only decisions made in this way can be firm and effective. We try to take into account the interests of all those concerned in order to achieve a fair and valid result.


At maihiro, we value and respect each other, yet, at the same time, have an uncomplicated relationship. We treat each other as partners and as equals.

Emotionality and Passion

We believe that there is a direct connection between the passion for what we do and our success. We leave room for emotionality. Work satisfaction and team spirit - even outside working hours - are important to us because nothing motivates a person to give their best every day more than successful work results and projects.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Social commitment and social responsibility in the form of responsible, sustainable action are key elements of our corporate culture and matters of personal importance. This means that we not only focus on the economic success of our business activities, but also on the impact that is made on employees, society, and the environment.

Social Engagement

We have been supporting various social projects and non-profit organizations for many years now. Our focus lies mainly on regional initiatives.Participation in charitable sporting events also enjoys a long tradition at maihiro.

  • Financial support for social institutions and projects
  • Supporting the “Kinder in Sicherheit e.V.” association since 2007
  • Annual employee fund-raiser at Christmas
  • Participation in “Des mach ma”, a social campaign day in Munich (2018)

  • Material donations, e.g. laptops for the administration of the Waldorfkindergarten Ismaning e.V.
  • Regular art exhibitions in our offices in Ismaning
  • Annual participation in Munich’s largest charity soccer tournament
  • Participation in corporate runs in support of social projects at our business sites

Ecological responsibility

  • We use green electricity.

  • We mainly use regional or fair trade products such as fair trade coffee and regional milk and juices
  • To reduce unnecessary travelling and CO2 emissions we are increasingly conducting video

    conferences in our work.

  • By using digital communication technologies such as SAP JAM, Confluence, Skype, e-mail, etc., we avoid unnecessary printing and mailing.

Economic responsibility

  • We pursue a responsible, fair, reliable corporate policy as well as a sustainable increase in corporate value.

  • Whether it’s through our own product development team, the think tank or the idea boards at each of our locations, we systematically and consistently expand our innovative capacity
  • We enter into permanent employment contracts and try to keep the turnover rate low.

  • We pay a company pension plan after three years of service.
  • In 2015, we increased the fixed salary components in order to give our employees more security.