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Currently we don't have any vacancies.

Currently we don't have any vacancies.

Currently we don't have any vacancies.

Currently we don't have any vacancies.

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FAQs on the application process at maihiro

What does "maihiro - Part of Accenture" mean to me?

Since February 2020, maihiro GmbH has been part of the Accenture family. On 04.11.2020 maihiro GmbH merged with Accenture GmbH. As a result of the merger, the existing contractual relationships with maihiro GmbH were transferred to Accenture GmbH by law. If you join our CX-Team, your employer becomes Accenture GmbH. Accenture GmbH is the operating national company of the globally operating Accenture Group.



How long does an interview last?

An initial Skype interview normally lasts one hour. Of course, we’d also like to meet all our candidates in person, which is why we also invite you to one of our offices. A personal interview lasts roughly 1.5 – 2 hours.


When will I be given a case and what do I have to bring with me for it?

If applicable, we will ask you in the context of the invitation to the personal interview also to prepare an appropriately specialized case for us. Ideally, you’ll bring this with you on a USB stick. We will provide a laptop and, if necessary, a flip chart.


When will I get feedback?

We always try to give you some initial feedback straight after a personal interview. We’ll inform you of our final decision concerning the next steps as soon as we can, usually by phone.


What is the application process like for students and trainees?

It may be the case that the process will be scaled down and that there’ll be only one interview. We want to be as flexible and responsive to the individual as we can in this regard.


What is the dress code for a personal interview?

You will rarely see maihiros in a suit. We don’t hide behind formal office garb and want you to feel at ease too. But, of course, you can never go wrong with business casual.


How long does the application process at maihiro normally take?

In the ideal scenario, only 2 to 3 weeks elapse between receipt of the application and the offer of a contract.