Experience report

Katharina Klappert, Manager Products

What brought you to maihiro?

I’m sort of a maihiro veteran. I started in August 2001 as a student trainee, working at maihiro fairly regularly when I was studying. At the start of 2006 I then started full-time as an SAP CRM Consultant. Until my maternity leave in 2009 I worked as a consultant, a role which naturally involved a lot of travel. When I came back from maternity leave in 2010 I then moved internally into the “MOS” team, as travel is only rarely required here. It was also easy to reduce my hours to fit with childcare. Then in 2013 I had another year of maternity leave, and when I came back in 2014 I focused on the development of our own products. In 2015 I became Team Leader of the newly-created “Products” team, where I still am today.

What are your current areas of activity?

As Product Owner, I’m responsible for maihiro’s own products. This means that I have technical responsibility for how our products are developed, so for example which features we will incorporate and which we will leave out. After all, our products aren’t specially developed products for a specific customer, but rather we try to meet the needs and wishes of lots of different customers. This means we need to gather a lot of input from both customers and potential customers and constantly reevaluate this information. In addition, you always need to ensure that there is a good balance between cost and benefit. Everything needs to be reconciled.

What opportunities for development does maihiro offer?

I think that at maihiro you have various opportunities to develop. Now maihiro doesn’t just offer classic SAP consulting, but has also opened up new areas through its new departments, such as product development. As an employee there is also always the opportunity to move into another department, of course. Also, programs such as maihiro’s own management trainee program support those who are looking to pursue a career in management, for example.

What do you like about maihiro?

I think that maihiro always tries to cater to the individual needs and skills of its employees. They see their employees as people, and personal situations are always taken into account – you can talk to them about anything. I don’t know many companies where so many fathers are able to take paternity leave, especially beyond the obligatory two months. Part-time work arrangements are never a problem, no matter what your gender. Even through maihiro may not be so small any more, it’s still like an (extended) family: you may have your differences with some people at times, but when it comes down to it we pull together.