Experience report

Stefan Oberhofer, Undergraduate Student on the Customer Experience Consulting (CXC) Team 

What is your job at maihiro?


I am currently working as an undergraduate student on the CXC Team and writing my bachelor thesis about an IoT use case at maihiro. I started my career at maihiro as an intern and then became a student trainee. As a student trainee, I was also involved in the implementation of the maiService innovation project. With the help of a factory simulation from Fischertechnik, a complete end-to-end customer service process was created using the recorded sensor data. Inspired by this topic, I decided to continue to devote myself to the subject of the Internet of Things (IoT) in my bachelor thesis.  

Before you became a student trainee, you were already working as an intern at maihiro. What prompted you to continue working as a student trainee after your internship?

My internship provided me with many formative insights into the everyday work of consultants on various customer projects. I was particularly taken with the ever-growing responsibilities that I was granted, the great working environment, and the extraordinary team spirit. Working with each and every maihiro, which allowed me to grow both professionally and personally, was and is a great added value for me. As a result, I did not have to think long about continuing to work at maihiro after my internship.


maihiro: During your time as an intern, you worked with us at the Vienna office, now you are working in the Ismaning office. How did that transfer come about and what did the process look like?


Here, it is necessary to take into account my current life situation. I am studying at the Deggendorf Institute of Technology and wanted to complete my internship in a larger city. maihiro’s Vienna location fulfilled that wish perfectly. Since I still had two semesters to complete in Deggendorf after the end of my internship, I had to pack my suitcases again for the time being. Since it would have been difficult to complete my student traineeship in Vienna, I was transferred to Ismaning. I really appreciate this flexibility at maihiro and I always look forward to dropping by the new chic offices in Ismaning.

What skills does it take to work as a student trainee at maihiro on the CXC Team?

On the one hand, teamwork, to achieve projects jointly, because all maihiros work together on various tasks. It has to be said that integration is also made easier thanks to the various events, away from the workplace as well. A certain degree of technical affinity is advantageous so you are able to better classify certain software procedures and processes. On the other hand, being interested in new technologies with the aim of applying them directly.   


maihiro: Can you imagine a career at maihiro after your student traineeship?

Yes, definitely, because maihiro offers me the opportunity to work and continue to develop in an ever-evolving environment. The pleasant company culture, great colleagues at the various locations, and the opportunity to assume responsibility at an early stage speak for themselves. There are already concrete plans for my future at maihiro after graduation.  


maihiro: Your recommendation to student applicants?

Do you want to assume responsibility at an early stage, gain experience in an attractive working environment, and achieve personal development? Then maihiro is definitely the right place for you.