Experience report

Daniel Frick, undergraduate student in the Products Team

What is your job at maihiro?

    At the moment, I am writing my bachelor thesis about Amazon Alexa. However, before my bachelor's thesis I was already at maihiro as a working student, where I was significantly involved in the development of maiCatch. I am now one of the people, who have been working in the Products Team for the longest time, and therefore I have gained a very deep insight into product development at maihiro.

    You took part in the hackathon and won. How'd you figure that out?

      So far, I have participated in three hackathons and won all of them. The last hackathon was Hackatum 2017, a hackathon organised by TU Munich. Especially this one is a lot of fun and is always a new challenge, because you can compete with the best. This year a total of 600 students applied, but only the "best 200" were invited to the event. The event is divided according to challenges by different companies. There are always big names like IBM, BMW, Microsoft, Lufthansa etc. I chose Check24 at this year's event because I had the code, design and architecture of my app in mind shortly after the presentation of the challenge. So I programmed non-stop from Friday evening till Sunday morning and built up the whole thing. On Sunday morning I was finished, but I should mention that I had only 5-6 hours of sleep at this weekend.

      Through my work at maihiro I could apply my acquired knowledge perfectly. For example, I programmed the App for Android and iOS with the help of Cordova, which we had already used for maiCatch, so I only had to write the code in one language. Cordova did the rest and translated it for me into the different mobile operating systems. The fact that my App supported both operating systems was of course an advantage.

      The App was about a picture, which was photographed or uploaded from the gallery. The App identified on the basis of the picture, where it was taken. In addition, it suggested nearby hotels directly via the Check24 API. My App also had a few additional enhancements, such as a connection to Instagram or the creation of a tag cloud to suggest places you might also be interested in. I was very happy that I was able to secure first place, but overall, I found my idea from last year a bit cooler. Together with a buddy, we implemented Keyless Go for the smartphone, which actually worked at the end of the weekend.

      The prizes are often vouchers for different things, e.g. 6 months Bluemix, Amazon vouchers or at Check24 a voucher for your own online shop. Recently I took part in my first online competition. You measure yourself against other students worldwide (including many from well-known US universities), but again I was able to secure first place in a challenge from IBM.

      Which innovative idea are you currently working on at maihiro?

      I am currently working on my bachelor thesis. The title is not yet final, but it will go in the direction of: "Interactive route planning of the future from the automobile based on an Amazon Echo Skills with connection to SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer". I'm done with the code and now comes the fun part: the writing. In my opinion, a video says more than 1000 words, so I would like to present the video which I created for the bachelor thesis.