If we’re going to successfully implement projects, we need well-qualified employees with in-depth technological skills, methodological expertise and knowledge of customer processes. Which is why we’re continually expanding our initial and further training in the context of the maiAcademy.

The maiAcademy offers a comprehensive training program for all employee groups. It’s the talent factory for maihiro. This is where potential is promoted in a target-oriented way and skills are developed. In addition to technical and

specialist training courses, the program also includes soft

skills. External training courses and certifications are also part of the training. The training requirements are individually defined in our annual appraisals held between staffers and their managers.

Our trainings

In-house training courses

We invest in the continuing education and training of all our employees. The courses offered range from soft skills training (e.g. communication reflection, presentation and conflict management) to specialist training courses (e.g. ABAP, Web UI, Cloud 4 Customer, SAP UI5, HANA and HTML) and methodological courses e.g. project management, maiMethod). A high degree of relevance to practical work ensures that participants can implement what they’ve learned in everyday business life.

External training courses and certifications

Our success is founded on high levels of qualification and specialist expertise. To keep our employees up-to-date with the latest technological developments, we give them the opportunity to participate in external training courses. The foremost of these is the SAP Learning Hub, which offers our consultants round-the-clock access to online learning content, interactive SAP Learning Rooms and live SAP training systems with subsequent certification. In this way, they keep their SAP knowledge up to date and can provide our customers with the best possible advice.

The best training course I undertook as part of maiAcademy was definitely the ACE training course. The combination of essential theory and the practical examples from day-to-day project management provided me with the ideal preparation to successfully implement this topic in the next customer project.

Sebastian Haßlbeck
SAP CRM Senior Consultant, DE

The most valuable training course I participated in at maihiro was the ABAP training course as I came to the company without basic knowledge from university, and this training course helped me to begin practical work very rapidly.

Clair EstlerSAP CRM Consultant, DE

The C4C introductory training really gave me the tools to provide customers with constructive advice. I still use many elements from the training course in my daily working life.

Katharina WallaceSAP CRM Consultant, AT

I found the moderation training particularly helpful. This teaches techniques and methods which can actually be used on a 1:1 basis in daily professional life. The communication reflection training courses were also very interesting.

Christian AignerSAP CRM Senior Consultant, AT

In addition to the maiAcademy, we rely on the following instruments for the promotion of organizational learning and knowledge development:

Regular knowledge sessions

The first repository of knowledge is the heads of our employees. But it isn’t always documented, even though it’s critical to the company’s success. maihiro is aware of the importance of passing on information in a structured way. In line with the motto “from employees for employees”, we carry out knowledge sessions at regular intervals - roughly every 4 to 6 weeks. At these sessions, employees pass their knowledge on to other colleagues by giving presentations or workshops on particular current issues.

Tools for the exchange of knowledge

Success-critical IT know-how is often based on experience that is lost when the professionals concerned turn their attention to other areas or tasks. For the documentation of best-practice experience and solutions as a means of sharing existing knowledge, maihiro relies on Confluence as an in-house “knowledge database”. With this, employees can benefit from the relevant experience and expertise of colleagues at every site.

Competence Center

In addition to customer projects, we deal with technological issues that are relevant to us concerning CEC (Customer Engagement and Commerce) in our Competence Centers (CC). We deepen our knowledge throughout the company and expand on our experience in what are currently five different CCs. We are working on innovative implementation and solution scenarios, for example, the integration of third-party systems in Cloud 4 Customer (C4C) or developing special apps in the C4C environment as internal projects. Thus, the spirit of research and development is in high demand here. This not only allows us to increase our expertise, but also creates a basis for efficient project solutions. Thus, the CCs provide professional development and design options beyond the daily project work.

Growing together – maiCareer

maiCareer is at the heart of our HR development. It provides the framework for the development of our employees.

maiCareer is an individual career path that incorporates various levels of development. These stages are linked, on the one hand, to particular requirements and, on the other, to the accompanying training measures. maiCareer thereby both offers a perspective and supports employees on their career path.

Our flat hierarchies mean that you’ll take on responsibility quickly, never stop developing and always be faced with new tasks and challenges. We support the continuous further development of our employees through regular dialog. Feedback is an important factor that enables us to work on ourselves but also to challenge and encourage our employees appropriately.


If you are interested in an exchange, feel free to contact:

Robert Asal

Robert Asal

Director Human Resources

As Director of Human Resources I am responsible for implementation of the HR strategy, which is derived from our 2020 vision. So the topics of continuing qualification of our employees and organizational development are close to my heart.

Phone:+49 89 89085-111
Email:Robert Asal