Experience Report

Richard Kremsbrugger, Business & Technology Integration Specialist

What brought you to maihiro?

I came across maihiro as they were attending a companies fair at my university. After some initial internet research about maihiro I was immediately impressed and went to speak to the colleagues directly at the stand at the fair. After a great discussion with my now managers and an exchange of details, I had made my first contact. Two days later I sent off my application to do an internship – and was invited to an interview. After finishing my internship and my Bachelor examination, I was offered a permanent job at maihiro.

You work as an SAP CRM Junior Consultant – what exactly are your responsibilities?

I work in several projects as a consultant for SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer. This means that I have different tasks depending on which phase the project is currently in. To start off with, we carry out workshops with customers in order to establish the requirements and expectations the customer may have for the new CRM system. After this begins the execution phase, where we implement the customer’s wishes in the system. This ranges from customizing settings to comprehensive additional developments, all of which we carry out ourselves. An advantage for both the customer and the consultant here is that both are in direct contact and can therefore discuss things at any time if needed. Depending on the project, I am also responsible for data migration, system integration and reporting. Before the go-live we support customers in creating documentation and a manual, as well as with user training.

What has been your personal highlight of working at maihiro to date?

My personal highlight so far was a three-day user training course for a customer, where we intensively taught and trained 50 key users in using the system. This rounded off the long development cycle of the project with lots of interaction with users and gave you the chance to present your hard work. And it was a nice coincidence that this training took place one year to the day after I started at maihiro, showing me how much you can learn and achieve in a year at maihiro.

What drives you to get up and go in the morning?

You know that you’re not just working with colleagues but with friends, on challenging problems to find the right solution. You can always rely on the help of your colleagues, and if you need to work on a task for a bit longer, you always get the help you need to solve the problem. This work environment and the fact that you are valued as an employee and as a person are what make the difference for me.