maihiro was founded in 2000 by Bernd Hesse, Mark Roes and Uwe May and has been owner-operated ever since. In 2005, Matthias Götz joined the company
 as CEO of the maihiro Austria subsidiary. 
maihiro has been part of Accenture since February 2020.

We focus all of our energy on helping companies improve their ability to understand, serve and support their customers. On an economic and technical level, we cover a large area ranging from sales strategy to the supposedly simple ability to keep the IT systems running so that the entire project can get off the ground.

Uwe MayCEO Sales & Marketing

At maihiro, the customer is dealing with an absolute specialist in the industry. He can go through thick and thin with them. We are able to generate references from the great majority of the projects. We guess that our employees make all the difference here. In the enthusiasm they show for their work, and the passion they put into implementing their projects.

Mark RoesCEO Finance & Controlling

We have a very strong and good relationship with SAP Germany and Austria. Fort hat reason we are able to bring in our expertise into the SAP Customer Experience Organization. From my point of view there is no other organization that engages more employees in the area of CRM, Customer Experience and Commerce that deal with strategic questions, complex process chains and integrated solutions in Marketing, Sales and Service.

Matthias GötzCEO Austria

Leadership Team

The acceptance of responsibility by our Leadership Team is the basis from which we are able to put our consulting philosophy into practice: inspire, change, optimize.

Robert Asal

Director Human Resources

Stefan Federkiel

Director Sales

Florian Heigl

Director Customer Experience Consulting

Anke Lenz

Director Customer Success Services, Finance and Controlling

Christoph Stecker

Director Pre-Sales and Marketing

Dominic Veit

Director Innovation and Architecture

Szabolcs Veres