Integrated processes – starting from a prospect up to a customer value analysis

Bank für Sozialwirtschaft AG

Project goals

  • Integration of all business units along the customer lifecycle via the SAP CRM integration platform

  • Design and implementation of a software solution that allows a complete view of the business partner and serves as a single point of entry for customer-oriented day-to-day business
  • Process optimization by transferring paper into operations and activities

Project focus

  • FS business partner (including comprehensive financial status)

  • Marketing, service, opportunity / project management
  • Standardization of cross-departmental processes

  • Integration of other SAP and non-SAP systems

Our customer

  • A bank specializing in support for institutions and organizations in the social and health care sector since 1923
  • Balance sheet total: EUR 8.69 billion, 437 employees (2016)
  • Headquarters in Cologne, another 9 branch offices in Germany, 1 in Brussels