Faculty & Building Supply

Direct CRM access to the entire email history for Brunata Customer Service

Brunata Wärmemesser GmbH & Co. KG

Project goals

  • Continuous reinforcement of the advanced market position, amongst others through efficient customer service processes and ensuring a 360 degree perspective on the customer history
  • Incoming and outgoing contacts, as well as customer relater business transactions have to be gathered centralised and be permanently available

Project focus

  • Enable thematical storage of incoming & outgoing E-Mails in SAP CRM (version 2007) and in SAP Records Management
  • SAP IC webclient extension for thematical classification of incoming e-mails and their attachments
  • Interface development for automated storage of classified e-mails / attachments in SAP Records Management

Our customer

  • Part of a successful business group - one of the market leaders in consumption-dependent billing of energy, water and ancillary costs
  • Besides billing and process optimization services, equipment systems and solutions in the field of energy data management are offered