CRM due diligence to optimize the aquisition, processing and controlling of DEG projects

DEG – Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH

Project goals

  • Quality assurance of the existing SAP CRM installation
  • Identification of measures to increase user acceptance

Project focus

  • Comparison of the core processes in relation to requirements and technical implementation
  • Benefit analysis based on core processes
  • Verification of the proposed solutions in the system and selected individual components
  • User survey for qualitative and emotional assessment of the CRM solution
  • Development of concrete recommendations for action

Our customer

  • Company of the KfW (Kreditanstalt f. Wiederaufbau) Group
  • One of the largest European development financiers for long-term project and corporate finance
  • The DEG portfolio amounts to around EUR 8.6 billion, finance for about 700 customers in 81 countries
  • EUR 2.4 billion equity, 539 employees (2016)