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Job description: SAP CRM Consultant

You are interested in a career as SAP CRM Consultant? Christina Weber, Recruiter at maihiro GmbH, answers frequent questions from young professionals.

How long does the training period last and when will I be working directly on site with the customer as a Junior Consultant?

All new “maihiros” take part in various onboarding sessions in the first few days. These provide important information on processes, systems and operations at maihiro. Then the learning continues with “on the job training”, where there will be a mentor and of course the manager by your side.

You will go to the customer together with your project team as soon as possible and provide support on site. There you can gain interesting insights and already start to gather your own experience. The initial training period passes over into constant learning and further development.

What does a typical week look like for a SAP CRM (Junior) Consultant?

Depending on the project status, our consultants may have a variety of different tasks. A normal week begins with travelling to the customer. The day will then start there at around 10 a.m. with the planned assignments. These will be largely meetings, consultation rounds, and workshops. The tasks determined from them are partially carried out immediately on site. The current status of the project and any subtasks still to be completed can be checked in an internal system. After work you can explore the town with your colleagues, or go out to dinner together.

Back in the office there will be more work packages waiting. Primarily this will involve more implementation of customer requirements, programming activities, and customizing, but also there will also be follow-up work for workshops and internet research on error solving and for building up your own knowledge.

In addition, there are various internal matters such as regular team meetings or participation in what are called “knowledge sessions”.

On Fridays you’ll always be in the office, so you can enjoy your well-earned end to the working week by relaxing with your colleagues in our lounge after work or with a bit of foosball.

How long does a typical project last at maihiro?

There isn’t a typical project at maihiro. They are individually tailored to our customers, but they do follow a defined methodology, which gives them some similarities. Each customer of course has different problems, meaning that individual projects can last 8 to 12 weeks or, in the case of various phases and internal rollouts and multiple projects from the same customer, they might last for years, although this tends to be the exception.

How much will I travel? Will I be sent abroad too?

There is always a mix of on-site and off-site work, depending on what has been agreed with the customer. At the moment, lots of our consultants are on-site for 2-4 days every 2 weeks. However, you must be prepared to travel 80% of the time, in principle.

We work with companies from the D-A-CH region, but most of these are international companies. This means that there may sometimes be trips abroad within Europe, but also to the USA, Canada, or Asian countries.

What is special about our SAP CRM in-house profile?

The colleagues support the customers after successful implementation, work on further developing the system and process the customers’ corresponding change and service requests. They are also the first point of contact when it comes to requests for support during ongoing operation of the software. Overall, this entails less time on site with the customer, and therefore less traveling.

What career opportunities are there at maihiro?

As part of maiCareer there are various individual opportunities to develop yourself further at maihiro. Regular exchange between employees and management is important for us here. Of course, there are defined development stages with corresponding requirements and training measures. You can find more information here. (Link to Careers&Development)

What makes maihiro different from other IT consultancy firms, and what is special about maihiro?

We live our mutually-defined values: respect, humanity, tolerance, fairness, emotionality and a solution-oriented approach. We have flat hierarchies where nothing stands in the way of direct and open communication and short decision paths. Project work always combines process and technical consultation, with everyone bringing to the table their own strengths, depending on their personal focus. Our employees see themselves as the interface between those two worlds, and are incorporated into all project phases.

Here we take lots of time for personal development and work with indvidual goal agreements. Anyone who actively gets involved will have the opportunity to shape maihiro’s future. That’s a great feeling! Overall this creates, despite the stressful project work, a tangibly positive working atmosphere.

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