12. October 2017 ǀ Munich Ismaning

New web presentation: Shining a brighter light on consultancy

maihiro has modernized its corporate presentation: With the new slogan “Your Customer Journey Adviser” and a completely revamped, responsive website. CEO Uwe May explains the process and result in an interview.

Why were changes actually needed?

Uwe May: The initial reasons had to do with the content. For many customers, the CRM concept is still very strongly associated with IT systems. Although Customer Relationship Management always referred to more than just software, hardly anyone now thinks of that when they hear the initials CRM. In a parallel development, especially in recent years, we’ve added more and more consultancy elements to our range of services; I’m thinking here of e-commerce and, particularly, management consulting. And, incidentally, CRM sounds increasingly old school in the age of digitization. This all combined to show us that we needed to adopt a new motto for our onward journey. At the same time, of course, we’d intended for quite a while to make our website mobile-friendly - the introduction of new technology was actually overdue. Because we’d rather devote our energy to our customers than ourselves, we brought both things together and revamped both our slogan and our website. But what really astonished us was that the slogan we finally came up with was so obvious that we were amazed to discover that nobody had ever used it in this form before. I also found the process itself surprising - the whole thing was managed completely digitally via a group in the SAP-JAM communications portal.

In the Jam Group, a team consisting of managers and marketing staff, maihiro discussed a number of proposals. Just like the result, all the alternatives were laid out in English. Why was that?

Uwe May: We’ve already extensively toured our in-house maiTour and maiConnect developments internationally - we’ve presented them this year at conferences in New York, Canada, and Barcelona. And even if our slogan is indicative of a deliberate desire to emancipate ourselves somewhat from SAP concepts, SAP of course remains our central partner. And English has long been the standard here. Quite apart from that, you will find the term “customer journey” in nearly all texts in German that are concerned with customer touchpoints. That should come as no surprise, as it is after all intended to describe a relationship in which the customer is supported every step of the way. And it’s exactly this journey that we want to optimize for our customers’ customers. With software. With expertise. With advice. Hence the use of “adviser”. We had also talked about using the German term “Lotse”, meaning pilot. For one thing, however, it’s almost impossible to translate that into English so that it sounds good. It would in any case have been way too one-sided for us, would have smacked too much of leadership. We prefer to think in terms of accompanying our customers as partners, which means advising them.

This has a more emotional component than the old slogan. Which is true also of the new website...

Uwe May:Yes, the site’s been launched with the slogan at its heart and appropriate human figures in the modern flat design style. This went down very well in our internal circles. After all, it’s people who offer advice. People who use software. People who are looking to be taken on as customers and given good service. And neither the argumentation about the content nor the impression left by the design should be too technical. We’ve taken advantage of the opportunity and focused the information more strongly so that users aren’t overwhelmed with too much text at once. And it goes without saying that we used a state-of-the-art technical solution: we’ve gone responsive, meaning that the site is mobile-friendly. If we want our customer management solutions to be operated by third-party providers from their smartphones, it’s obvious that our website should also be presented as clearly as possible on phones.

Autor: Armin Hingst ǀ 12. October 2017 ǀ München Ismaning

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