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Coresystems extends SAP Service Cloud with artificial intelligence – maihiro provides specially certified consultants

Zero downtime, maximum performance, low maintenance costs, and real-time service: that’s what today’s customers expect.

With the acquisition of Coresystems, a leading provider of field service software, SAP is meeting this challenge. Artificial intelligence and crowdsourcing extend the SAP Service Cloud and make our field service faster and more efficient.

maihiro now has three certified coresystems consultants to ensure the smooth operation of the solution.

Philipp Bosshart is one of them. In the following interview he discusses the added value that Coresystems brings and explains what certification means for our customers:

Which core functionalities does Coresystems add to the SAP Service Cloud?

Philipp Bosshart:

For example, it adds the “Crowd Service” function. Service requests are assigned to available and qualified employees using AI technology. For this purpose, a pool of potential service employees is created, which includes both internal employees and partners as well as freelancers. Service requests can then be assigned using AI to technicians with the right skills. The selected technician is then notified via the standard mobile app supplied by Coresystems by SMS or e-mail.

What other highlights are there?

Philipp Bosshart:

In the area of workforce scheduling & field service dispatching, Coresystems offers real-time service technician planning, including with automated AI support. Thanks to the Coresystems “Now” app, end customers can take more initiative by triggering various services via an app using identifiers, such as QR codes or serial numbers. These include technician enquiries, remote service, spare parts orders, and an AI service chat bot. In addition, you can monitor the progress of a request, up to the estimated arrival times of service technicians that are communicated in real time. Moreover, there is an online self-service portal for the customer, where created tickets can be viewed and managed. This gives the customer round-the-clock access to solve any problems that may arise.

A certified Coresystems consultant knows the functional scope - for both cloud and mobile - and the resulting capabilities - and limitations - of the solution for the customer.

Philipp BosshartCertified maihiro Coresystems consultant

What added value does a certified consultant (like the one you are now) deliver within this unified structure?

Philipp Bosshart:

The consultant can support the customer throughout the entire implementation process and beyond. This means that he is familiar with the functional scope of Coresystems, and he can therefore provide the customer with optimal consulting services. He is also familiar with the basic integration scenarios between the different systems. He can thus support the customer by customizing the system and also training its employees about the solution, such as, for example, in how to generate individual reports.

At a glance - Benefits of Coresystems:

  • “Crowd Service”: Assignment of qualified employees using AI technology

  • Service technician planning in real time through AI support
  • Customer Self Service & Self Service Portal giving the customer round-the-clock access to solve any problems that may arise

At a glance - Benefits of certifcation:

  • Consultant knows the full range of functions and the resulting capabilities (and limitations)

  • Consultant knows the Coresystems architecture and is familiar with the end-to-end process
  • Consultant knows the data model (user-defined fields for customization) and can adapt the system to the customer’s requirements.

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