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Goodbye Hybris, Welcome SAP Customer Experience – SAP With New CRM Strategy, maihiro as Expert in the SAP Gold Guide

It’s a big stage for great changes: SAP used its annual corporate conference SAPPHIRE NOW to introduce C/4HANA, the fourth and

most revolutionary CRM generation one to date.

Background: In four years, CRM will become the largest market for business applications ($45B by 2021)*. SAP C/4HANA bundles the existing SAP Hybris portfolio for customer commitment and commerce as well as other recently acquired solutions such as Callidus and Gigya. C/4HANA is to redefine the customer experience as a uniform Cloud Solution Suite. Customer data, machine learning techniques and microservice technologies are combined to drive real-time customer experiences alongside sales, service, marketing, commerce, and beyond. With this step, SAP is placing its CRM portfolio on an equal footing with its traditional ERP business.

At SAPPHIRE – and with the launch of C/4HANA – the so-called Gold Guide was presented to underline the concrete business benefits that SAP solutions bring to their customers. In addition to business cases, it provides testimonials and an overview of SAP Cloud Platform Applications that have been developed by SAP Key Solution Partners. SAP included maihiro products maiTour and maiCatch in the Gold Guide.

Timo Simon, Director Products, Innovation & Business Development at maihiro, was at SAPPHIRE. In the following interview, together with maihiro Managing Director Uwe May, he describes the signal effect of the re-branding, what this means for maihiro, and the concrete added value that the maihiro products listed in the Gold Guide offer.

maihiro: Timo, what key messages did you take with you from SAPPHIRE in terms of CRM strategy?

Timo Simon: C/4HANA bundles all activities via the customer and is a suite that integrates all end-to-end processes with S/4HANA. Innovation management is an important component, and all stakeholders must participate so that everyone benefits. Learning, understanding and adapting will become increasingly important in order to quickly test and implement new business models with machine learning and roboting, for example. This will also create an important competitive advantage. SAP is ideally positioned to do just that and offers an integrated suite.

maihiro: Uwe, what exactly will change with the re-branding?

Uwe May: In the short term, nothing will change for existing customers. The existing solutions are combined under the SAP CX umbrella and will continue as they are. For old and new customers alike, the change will come in the form of SAP’s clear assertion with respect to the importance of this solution portfolio that further investments will strengthen both existing and new solutions. This will lead to increased functionality and improved integration, thus offering customers clear added value and security.

maihiro: To what extent can maihiro position itself differently or even better through the new SAP strategy? And above all, what does this mean for customers?

Uwe May: Since 2000, maihiro has stood for excellence in CRM. Over these many years, we have built up a huge wealth of experience and continuously expanded our portfolio. This portfolio, which ranges from management consulting to the introduction of SAP CX solutions and the long-term assurance of customer benefits, to the targeted expansion of the SAP CX portfolio through our strong value-added products, enables us, together with our customers, to consistently improve customer experience for their customers over many years. This, in turn, is the most important task of a company. SAP anticipated this through C/4HANA – it is nothing short of equal to S/4HANA. And we are right in the middle of it!

maihiro: Why did SAP include our products maiTour and maiCatch in the Gold Guide?

Timo Simon:maiTour und maiCatch complement the SAP portfolio ideally and refine the core of the applications. It’s quite simple, really. Both products have been developed with customers and for our customers in Innovation Management and represent a clear and transparent return on investment. As one customer once said to us, “We love simple, value-adding products that are fun!”

*Source: SAP Infographic Reimagine-Customer-Experience

Download the SAP Gold Guide

Gold Guide

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