30. September 2018 ǀ Munich Ismaning

Missing a puzzle piece? The Ravensburger chat bot helps

Digital transformation for an improved customer service

At SAP CX:LIVE Ravensburger presents its chat bot

Imagine you are only one piece away from finishing your favorite puzzle. You have invested hours and hours, maybe months – depending on the size of course – just to find out that the last piece is missing or you can´t find it. Or you want to play a game you didn´t play for years but do not have the instructions any more. In both cases this is not only annoying. You will have to do research on where to get the replacement and might have to wait for it for a long time. When it comes to Ravensburger, this scenario belongs to the past. Since the globally known toy manufacturer is keen to continously improve its customer experience – for instance through the introduction of the SAP Service Cloud and SAP Marketing Cloud – the company now evaluates the introduction of a chat bot on its Facebook page.

All exact functions are not determined yet, however, in future, customers might be able to easily reorder missing puzzle pieces or game instructions by simply typing their request into the chat. The programming might also identify missing puzzle pieces via image recognition and, if customers agree, and in case Ravensburger has their contact details on file, the chat bot automatically filters the customer data from the system for shipment.

This is what the chat bot might offer at a glance:

  • Puzzle piece replacements
  • Game instruction reorders
  • Image recognition
  • Fetch of customer
  • Retrieving customer address from system

Are you interested in seeing the chat bot functionalities live? Then come and visit us at our booth G2 at SAP CX:LIVE Global Summit in Barcelona, starting on October 10th.

Autor: Verena Holzgreve ǀ 30. September 2018 ǀ München Ismaning

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