16. January 2019 ǀ Munich Ismaning

Golden times for customers – maihiro reaffirmed as a SAP Gold Partner

Performance standard: high. Customer relations: excellent.

Competence and strategic direction: first-class.

Criteria that have enabled maihiro to secure SAP Gold Partner

status once again this year.

Audits & Training as requirement

In 2016, after many years as a Silver Partner, maihiro first attained gold status – the highest level for a company of this size – which it still retains today.

maihiro Managing Director, Uwe May: "This is quite an achievement. Anyone wanting to remain a Gold Partner is subject to annual audits by SAP. And staff must also undertake regular training."

A sign of trust for customers

The requirements for Gold Partners are therefore high and a criteria for customers to collaborate with an experienced, trusted partner such as maihiro. Uwe May: "In our projects, we focus on giving customers early insights into the possible subsequent solution. The customer should know what their new tool will consequently look like. This process is an important building block for subsequent project success."

Individual add-ons: an attractive extension

of the Gold Partner portfolio

For maihiro, optimally promoting customers' corporate objectives also includes the constant expansion and development of its own product portfolio. "Our SAP C/4HANA add-ons, such as maiTour, maiCatch or maiConnect, allow us to more closely tailor the SAP product world to the needs of our customers, while certifications such as "Co-Innovated with SAP" – currently for maiTour – support this," according to Uwe May.

About gold status:

Gold status is the highest level that a company of maihiro's size can achieve. Platinum status is reserved for global companies. A partner achieves gold status with over 500 so-called value points that it acquires by selling SAP licences to SMEs, as well as a certain number of consultant training courses, qualifications and certifications. Value points lose their validity after twelve months, so they must be constantly renewed to maintain Gold Partner status.

Checklist - what makes a SAP Gold Partner:

- High performance standard

- Excellent customer relations

- Focussed strategic direction

- Certified / trained consultants

- Minimum software licence sales to SMEs

Autor: Verena Holzgreve ǀ 16. January 2019 ǀ München Ismaning

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