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No cardboard cutout - Mondi invests in the digitization of sales

With the SAP Sales Cloud, maihiro designed and implemented a

forward-looking CRM solution for the packaging and paper specialist

Nobody needs to explain to the Mondi Group what customer centricity means. The global packaging and paper company is facing a familiar situation: Digitization and the expanding volume of customer data mean that important information is stored in many different systems and at various locations. New tools are needed to mine these knowledge resources and to provide the sales team with the right information on any device, whenever they need it. The Mondi business unit Corrugated Packaging, a leading European provider in this field, rose to this challenge thanks to the SAP Sales Cloud. The solution brings together customer data from various IT sources and then integrates it, without requiring extensive modification of the systems. The IT project was rewarded with the SAP Quality Award in the Fast Delivery category, and the CRM specialist maihiro took charge of process consulting and implementation.

SAP Sales Cloud paved the way to digitalization and future. We want to support our customers and employees the best possible way, giving them the freedom to create easy and sustainable processes.

Robin de Jong Regional Managing Director Central Europe at Mondi CrP

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The sales department at Mondi Corrugated Packaging (CrP) was already quick on its feet, of course. But even excellent customer management can be built on and improved. It takes time to collect all the relevant customer information from the various departments to prepare for an appointment, especially when the data is stored in a large number of systems. To increase speed and accommodate the needs of customers even more than before, Mondi decided in late 2016 to continue driving the digitization strategy by introducing a solution for customer relationship management (CRM).

Market intelligence through CRM in the cloud

“Our colleagues – in sales especially – want simple solutions in complex systems. From PCs to tablets and smartphones. These days, success hinges on the use of modern software and the right user experience,” says Richard Drosdek, Head of CRM at Mondi AG. Implementation of market intelligence was also important to the company. A CRM solution enables Mondi to provide its sales staff with up-to-date, real-time information about customers and market stakeholders. This gives them precise insight into the competition, as well as the customer needs.

The multinational group eventually picked the SAP Sales Cloud. Among other factors, the decision was prompted by its ease of use, system response times, full functionality on mobile devices, a cockpit to launch all activities/applications and the seamless integration of the Sales Cloud into the classic SAP-ERP landscape with SAP BW Data Warehouse and Microsoft Outlook.

Faster and better preparation for appointments

Mondi is looking to improve customer loyalty by implementing the CRM utilization plan as part of its digitization strategy. The company uses clear indicators to measure this variable, a typical one being the length of time that a member of the sales team requires to prepare for a customer appointment. This time needed to be reduced. It varies greatly anyway, even without CRM software – preparations are quick and easy if the relationship with the customer is good, but long and arduous if things are more tricky. What’s more, the length of time it takes to prepare depends on the people and systems that hold the information and how quickly it can be delivered.

The benefit of the CRM system soon becomes apparent if the occasionally laborious research is no longer necessary: The Sales Cloud drastically reduces the time required to prepare for customer appointments. Robin de Jong, Regional Managing Director Central Europe at Mondi CrP: “The Sales Cloud places all of the necessary information at your fingertips with just a few mouse clicks. Downstream visit reports are also prepared in no time at all.” Completing long forms by hand is now unnecessary. The data is added to the workflows, and there is a voice control function to dictate free text fields by smartphone when out of the office.

The procedure for other business cases is similar, for instance the approval of credit limits or payment terms. What used to be a fairly unstructured process with emails and Excel attachments is now – thanks to the Sales Cloud – a managed workflow that alerts all stakeholders as soon as something requires approval, while documenting the process within a transparent and traceable framework.

Mondi gave a perfect demonstration of how CRM projects can be rigorously digitized. The first step is to make sure that all relevant employees from the different sales levels and involved departments are including in planning and design from day one. After all, they’ll be the main users of the system. It is therefore only logical that the SAP Quality Award jury attaches so much importance to how and when the requirements of the employees using the CRM solution are defined – one of the main criteria in selecting the winners.

From the beginning, Mondi also made the business uses an integral part of the CRM project and in doing so satisfied another of the quality principles. Richard Drosdek: “Our main objective is to improve our service to customers.”

Project schedule of just nine months

Effective tracking of the project stages, motivation of all stakeholders, development of methods for quality assurance, timely identification of potential project risks and enterprise-wide change management – all of these factors were additional basic principles that Mondi observed during rollout of the CRM system. Ultimately it was adherence to them that enabled successful completion of the digitization project in record time: Following the kick-off in January 2017, implementation and integration within the current IT environment took less than nine months.

maihiro connected the solution to SAP ERP and BW in particular, while also configuring functions such as customer demand management, market intelligence and competitor management, a 360° customer view of sales processes and many more. Over 500 people at Mondi CrP will eventually work with the solution.

Autor: Frank Zscheile ǀ 2. January 2019 ǀ München Ismaning

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