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Measure employee and customer satisfaction intelligently with Qualtrics

As an Experience Management Platform, Qualtrics is the perfect fit 
for a SAP C/4HANA strategy. In addition to the operative data from C/4, 
the tool also delivers KPIs to ensure customer success
Data on Employment Engagement, User Experience, and Customer & Product Satisfaction are among the most important indicators. 
Our Qualtrics expert Tim Thomas talks about the practical applications of the software in terms of sustainable customer retention and explains how a seamless CX can be created with Qualtrics. 

What is the typical use case for the application of Qualtrics for customer success?

Tim Thomas: Customer success means supporting in getting the most benefits out of a system (e.g. SAP Sales Cloud), in order to reach the company targets in an efficient way. Among other things, the Qualtrics technology allows qualitative aspects of the use of a software product to be analyzed. As such, the employees’ experiences of using the application can be quantified. That’s because a happy and well-trained employee plays a significant role in customer satisfaction and company success. 

Of course, Qualtrics can be used for a number of other applications, but for customer success, the focus on the users of an application is crucial.

Can you put the added value of the software platform into numbers?

Tim Thomas: Surveys have shown that 66% of consumers change brand as a result of dissatisfaction. In this context, bear in mind that a large majority (80%) of CEOs see the customer experience they offer as sustainable, whereas this opinion is held by only 8% of customers. This is precisely the issue that Qualtrics addresses. Using the right data in an intelligent way, Qualtrics can provide a kind of customer and employee mood barometer. Therefore, the added value of Qualtrics is that it can help businesses make the right decisions, before unnecessary costs, employee dissatisfaction, or a bad reputation can negatively impact customer success.

What data does Qualtrics analyze to achieve this goal?

Tim Thomas: Qualtrics allows for all of the quantitative and qualitative data collected, e.g. from employee surveys, to be processed in an intelligent way and modeled, meaning that they can be evaluated on a dashboard.  

How can the KPIs shown be used to increase success in practice?

Tim Thomas: This involves evaluating all of the KPIs issued as a whole. Our Customer Success Advisors take a look at, for instance, users of the solution. What do the users find annoying, and what is successful? We can measure this using a feedback loop in the form of an NPS survey (via Qualtrics). 

However, in this context, it is also important to look at the employee KPIs. 

Do they have the right tools to solve the problems at hand? Do they feel they have sufficient training to be able to support and advise the customers efficiently? If these questions can be answered and analyzed, appropriate measures can be introduced to resolve the issues and prevent customer abandonment. 

Autor: Verena Holzgreve ǀ 6. June 2019 ǀ München Ismaning

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