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maiTalk: With maihiro for two years, now part of Accenture, but has always had the company in his head

Our senior consultant Gerhard Höfler has more than ten years of SAP consulting experience. As of this month, he has worked for maihiro for two years. But he has been keeping tabs on our company for virtually his entire career. He explains why in this interview. 

Before telling us more about your professional journey, let’s begin with this question: maihiro became part of Accenture at the beginning of 2020. What do you see and what does this mean for your future career? 


Gerhard: Many more exciting projects, even beyond the CRM and CX horizon, plus continuing our work on the cutting edge of new technologies, trends and products. And along with all this, a great spirit of cooperation and knowledge-sharing.

Gerhard, maihiro has always been in your head. Why is that?


Gerhard: It wasn’t long before I became aware of maihiro for the first time. maihiro is viewed as an established brand by industry insiders and big name companies and for 20 years has been associated with the “leading in CRM” label.

After my first career post, I already knew that I wanted to go in the direction of CRM and a consultant friend of mine recommended the company to me. But I took a few detours on my journey to maihiro.


During my presales activities I quickly became familiar with the company as a serious competitor. I also have fond memories of the friendly way I became acquainted with my future colleagues at training courses and at a number of SAP events.


After two interviews with maihiro in 2016 and 2018 (and the enticing job offers that ensued) I still didn't want to admit to myself that I wanted to become a maihiro.


Probably the most interesting encounter I had was with our presales colleague Dominic Redl, seated next to me on the flight back from Switzerland, where we did SAP FSM certification. During that flight I made up my mind to take the leap.

What was the deciding factor in your decision to join us? 


Gerhard: As I see it, maihiro has managed to acquire expertise in every area, develop innovative end-to-end showcases and execute projects for high-profile customers. After convincing myself of this, I was able to book my “trip” to maihiro without any hesitation or second-guessing.

And after two years with us what can you tell us about your experiences and perhaps about your newly acquired expertise? 


Gerhard: My image of the company has been confirmed and my expectations have so far been fulfilled.

In mutual discussions, maihiro properly assessed my knowledge, strengths and development potential from the very beginning. This results in project assignments in which I can make targeted use of my skills while advancing my development at the same time.


Continued development and training is indeed an integral part of targeted employee development here. I like the wide range of training opportunities and the collaborative exchange of expertise during project work.

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