7. December 2020 ǀ Munich Ismaning

Official Merger of maihiro GmbH with Accenture GmbH

This November maihiro GmbH officially merged with Accenture GmbH. maihiro has already been presenting itself as a part of Accenture for nine months. During this time a lot has happened, as demonstrated by the first joint customer projects and the awarding of joint focus partner status from SAP. In an interview, Uwe May and Bernd Hesse, Managing Directors at maihiro - Part of Accenture - talk about the new business model, previous success stories and future plans.
Uwe May, Managing Director at maihiro - Part of Accenture

Prior to the merger, you both worked as managing directors of the former maihiro GmbH. Uwe with a focus on sales and marketing and Bernd with a focus on consulting and human resources. Perhaps briefly, for the benefit of our readers, can you explain how your roles in the current set-up have changed and what exactly the new set-up looks like?


Uwe: At Accenture, we are part of Service Group Technology within SBG (SAP Business Group) and are responsible for the German-speaking/ASG(R) market. As before, I am responsible for SAP CX sales. This includes sales work at customers - but also in-house with the respective customer managers and, of course, cooperation with SAP. And as before, Bernd is also responsible for delivery, i.e. our SAP CX projects, quality, methodology and training.

Bernd Hesse, Managing Director at maihiro - Part of Accenture

What are the advantages for customers and employees?


Bernd: With the additional services from the Accenture portfolio we can now offer our CX consulting services even more comprehensively and efficiently, from strategic consulting to post-project support. In addition, we can now handle complex digital agency projects in all dimensions. This includes both advanced SAP modules and other special non-SAP solutions - e.g. in the areas of AI or IoT.



Uwe: Employees benefit from this broader setup and the large Accenture network of 500,000 colleagues, especially in terms of knowledge enhancement and just generally.

The network and direct cooperation with the new co-workers from Accenture SBG is a good keyword. You can already report some successes here, correct?

Uwe: Yes, that’s right. In our first joint customer projects with our Accenture colleagues, we worked together successfully as a joint force on an operational level, despite having to work remotely due to coronavirus. One recent project we are particularly proud of in this context is the complete remote implementation of the SAP Sales Cloud at our customer Hofmann Menü. From the presales phase and workshops to implementation, testing, training and finally the go-live, everything went smoothly and successfully, and that entirely virtually. And within just three-and-a-half months.


Bernd: In total, we have achieved 21 go-lives in the past nine months. Considering the more difficult situation due to coronavirus, this is remarkable and clear proof of our joint strength.

SAP has already acknowledged this joint success and awarded you focus partner status within SAP’s Diamond Initiative. How did this come about and to what extent do customers benefit?

Uwe: SAP rolled out the Diamond Initiative across all SAP Germany customer segments at the beginning of 2020, increasing the visibility of individual partner contributions to joint market success. We received this status on the basis of our consolidated services to and on behalf of our customers using SAP. Revenues and certifications as well as our holistic approach and customer commitment also played a role in the evaluation.


Bernd: As an SAP focus partner we are proactively supported by Large Enterprise Partner Management. In addition, dedicated sponsors work with us in the individual areas. Naturally, this joint and close coordination with SAP has a considerable positive effect on the services we provide to our customers. We can intensify and expand our work, become even better and thus create additional added value.

Autor: Verena Holzgreve ǀ 7. December 2020 ǀ München Ismaning

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