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Professional streamlining of digital sales at Frutarom Savory Solutions thanks to SAP Sales Cloud and SAP PCM

When it comes to food, consumers expect taste, enjoyment, and quality. The catering and food industry these days must clear a high bar to achieve customer satisfaction. Frutarom Savory Solutions Austria GmbH – short Frutarom - unites the brand suppliers Wiberg, Gewürzmüller, Gewürzmühle Nesse and Mühlehof in the food sectors of catering, butchering, and groceries under one roof. Under the slogan “We deliver the ingredients for savory meals,” the company constantly seeks to keep up with the tastes of the times. And that also now includes digitization. 

Denn mit maihiro als Implementierungspartner hat Frutarom die Einführung der SAP Sales Cloud sowie von SAP PCM (Product Content Management) aus dem SAP Commerce-Portfolio umgesetzt. Das Zusammenspiel der beiden Lösungen ermöglicht dem Vertriebsteam eine noch agilere und qualitativ hochwertigere Beratungsleistung beim Kunden vor Ort.


Durch die Anbindung von SAP PCM an die SAP Sales Cloud werden produktbezogene Detailinformationen ins CRM übertragen. Im Fall von Frutarom finden so sehr detaillierte Produktinformationen, wie zum Beispiel Nährwerte oder Allergene, den direkten Weg zum Anwender im Feld und im Vertrieb.

Thanks to the implemented Sales Cloud-PCM interface, we are now also able to feed product details to the sales department, which can advise customers on site with the necessary level of expertise. They can tailor presentations to their individual needs, such as with regard to food allergens, for example.

Herbert FrohnerCIO, Frutarom Savory Solutions Austria GmbH

Frutarom’s special features include the ability to generate product profiles and graphically appealing price lists at the push of a button thanks to the PCM. Previously, these had to be generated manually in Word or Excel. Thanks to the use of automation, human errors in the document creation process can be avoided. Frohner noted, “This saves time, which our product management can now devote to more important tasks.


Around 30 internal users are currently already working at Frutarom with the implemented PCM system. The resulting content is made available to all Sales Cloud users at the company thanks to the integration. Currently, that is 215 employees. In the next roll-out phase, there will be 240 users, and the future number of users will increase even further from there. Herbert Frohner continued: “We will expand our user base as the result of the growth of our company and the SAP integration of additional, possibly new locations/brands.”       

Our colleagues who are already benefiting from the Sales Cloud today are happy about the cross-departmental, simplified process system and the possibility of having all customer information available in a centrally used tool. 


The latter turns out to be a great benefit, especially in today’s world. Frohner continued, “In addition, a large number of our employees are working from home. It is therefore all the more important to have a single place to store all customer information. In this situation, you can’t quickly communicate something to your coworker at the neighboring desk. The amount of time that we have with customers is unfortunately much more limited than it used to be, so it is all the more important to use it efficiently and purposefully. The new systems are able to support us accordingly.

With the introduction of PCM and the interface with Sales Cloud, we are expanding the 360-degree customer view with a 360-degree product view. Thanks to the total overview and the ability to initiate actions directly from the system, such as creating offers and orders and starting workflows, we help the sales team to provide even more agile and high-quality consulting services, which ultimately benefit the customers.

Clarissa SchützSales Project Manager, Frutarom Savory Solutions Austria GmbH

In the past, it was sometimes difficult to obtain such a holistic view of the customer. The company previously relied on a CRM solution that was specially integrated into Lotus Notes. Clarissa Schütz continued: “Lotus Notes is now technologically obsolete. Regular development of the product was discontinued years ago, and our current brand diversity is not reflected there. Staff would draft offers in MS Word, there was no standardized communication via workflows, and there was also a lack of multilingual support. When we decided in favor of SAP Sales Cloud, we were particularly motivated to do so in order to solve the interface issue and the seamless integration with the company-wide SAP ERP.


However, there were still some hurdles to overcome when implementing the project. Herbert Frohner added: “A lot of Frutarom-specific requirements had to be taken into account, since the business areas vary. We serve direct customers as well as retailers or cash & carry customers in the grocery sector. There are also differences in the internal structures of the business units. Our Lotus Notes solution was technologically obsolete, but it incorporated quite a few in-house developments. The particular challenge was thus the changeover from a very strongly ‘customized’ system to a ‘standard’ one, which had to be adapted or expanded accordingly in order to meet our requirements. In other words, we had to partially depart from the ‘standard’ and expand it.” 


Clarissa Schütz also added, “Maihiro gave us excellent support in doing this. Since we knew about our own high demands, we explicitly decided in favor of maihiro, a partner with the reputation of having the most competence here in Austria in the SAP Sales Cloud area. The open communication and the joint search for solutions have helped us to implement the project in a goal-oriented fashion.


The PCM project at Frutarom has already gone completely live. The first roll-out wave of the Sales Cloud started in May of this year. By the end of 2020, Frutarom’s 240 sales employees should be able to work with the Sales Cloud.


The company is planning further steps for the future. Then, for example, the new product development process should also be integrated into the SAP Sales Cloud solution, which today is still handled in a separate tool without any interface integration.


Frutarom also sees potential in the e-commerce area. Herbert Frohner added: “When we decided on PCM, we already considered the possibility of how we could extend it by adding a store. The introduction of a web store based on SAP Commerce would basically provide the final touch to our current vision.

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