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First joint partner status for maihiro & Accenture – Recognition in SAP’s Diamond Initiative

maihiro, part of Accenture since the beginning of this year, was recently awarded Cloud Focus Partner status for Germany and Austria. Now comes the first shared award. As part of SAP’s Diamond Initiative, maihiro and the SAP experts from Accenture were jointly awarded Focus Partner status for the DMI sector, for the SRV sector (FSI as well as SPCOMM), and for the CON - PLI and P&E - Public sales teams. The highlight: Participation on the Partner Advisory Council of SAP Deutschland’s Executive Board.

In an interview, CEOs Uwe May, maihiro – Part of Accenture, and Jörg Schneider, Accenture, comment on their shared accomplishment.

Congratulations on your new partnership winning this award in tandem. Before discussing the significance of each status award, can you tell us what exactly SAP’s Diamond Initiative encompasses and how participation benefits maihiro and Accenture’s customers?

Uwe May, CEO maihiro - Part of Accenture


Uwe May: In early 2020, SAP rolled out the Diamond Initiative across all SAP Germany customer segments. It is designed to give greater visibility to the contribution of individual partnerships to shared market success. This also includes a greater appreciation of the SAP sales organization in line with our contributions and the simplification of targeted cooperation.

Jörg Schneider: Ultimately, the benefits to our mutual customers come precisely from the aspects Uwe highlighted. Targeted cooperation is but one example of something that helps us provide the best possible solutions for our customers.

Jörg Schneider, Managing Director Accenture

Focus Partner status for the DMI sector, for the SRV sector (FSI as well as SPCOMM), and for the CON - PLI and P&E - Public sales teams. maihiro and Accenture were honored with these three accolades as part of the initiative. How do you explain this achievement?


Jörg Schneider: For evaluation as part of the initiative, the services provided by Accenture and maihiro to and for our customers in the SAP environment were consolidated as well as supplemented by information on sales, certifications, and solutions. Additionally, our integrated profiles and general commitment to our customers contributed to the result, so we can confidently say that we are on the right track, both individually and in tandem. In other words, we will continue to create and develop the added value our customers are accustomed to from us in the future.

I would like to bring this up: What is the significance for customers of you having this status in each of the sectors?


Uwe May: As an SAP Focus Partner, we are provided proactive support by LE partner management. Dedicated sponsors will also be working with us in the individual sectors. This mutual and close coordination with SAP naturally has a significant positive impact on the services we provide to our customers. We can intensify and expand our work, become even better, and deliver the high level of added value for our customers that Jörg mentioned. 

Along with the awards, maihiro and Accenture were also invited onto the Partner Advisory Council of SAP Deutschland’s Executive Board. What is the special significance of this invitation


Uwe May: This is a high level of recognition on its own since it is indeed only composed of a very select group. Positioning ourselves there is another key to our future success and business strategy.

The first joint award from SAP certainly only marks the beginning of the new maihiro-Accenture era. What are your plans for the future, specifically related to SAP business?


Jörg Schneider: As Uwe already indicated, in the future, we want to be heavily involved in the SAP universe and firmly believe in the success of SAP solutions for our CX and overall business. What this means for us is to continue working there at full speed. 

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