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January 2021

25. January 2021

At a glance: Marketing Cloud Updates Release 2011

This week, SAP is publishing the changes for Release 2102. To give you a better idea of what has changed from the last to the new release, we have compiled the 2011 release updates for you once again. Are you interested in Customer Success with the help of the SAP Customer Experience Portfolio? Then take a look here as well.

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December 2020

7. December 2020

Official Merger of maihiro GmbH with Accenture GmbH

At the beginning of November maihiro GmbH officially merged with Accenture GmbH. In an interview, Uwe May and Bernd Hesse, Managing Directors at maihiro - Part of Accenture - talk about the new business model, previous success stories and future plans.

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November 2020

10. November 2020

Professional streamlining of digital sales at Frutarom Savory Solutions thanks to SAP Sales Cloud and SAP PCM

When it comes to food, consumers expect taste, enjoyment, and quality. The catering and food industry these days must clear a high bar to achieve customer satisfaction. Frutarom Savory Solutions Austria GmbH – short Frutarom - unites the brand ...

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August 2020

4. August 2020

#WomenSupportingWomen: Status quo von Frauen in Führungspositionen und Karrieretipps im IT-Business

#WomenSupportingWomen is the name of the social media challenge currently drawing a great deal of attention worldwide. We saw this as a great opportunity to ask our colleague Anke Lenz some questions about women in the IT industry and to see if she has any career tips to offer.

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3. August 2020

Marketing Automation: Getting the right stakeholders on board

The consulting portfolio maihiro offers is concentrated not only on the implementation of fully automated system processes, but also harmonizes the technical areas with professional requirements of the company.

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July 2020

29. July 2020

Breaking down complexity and analyzing customer experience at all relevant touchpoints

The implementation of a CX solution as a panacea for customer experience? If you want to lead your company to success, you need to be aware of your customer journey and make strategic and technical decisions based on this knowledge. Senior Consultant Philipp Fischer explains in an interview how maihiro – Part of Accenture provides comprehensive support in this process.

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20. July 2020

“maiMethod”: maihiro’s project methodology advocates an agile and flexible framework

CX systems enable the central control of marketing, sales, and service. Markus Fortak, Business & Technology Integration Manager bei maihiro - Part of Accenture, explains in this interview why the right project methodology is crucial for the successful implementation and use of CX projects.

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2. July 2020

maiTalk: With maihiro for 2 years, now part of Accenture, but has always had the company in his head

Our senior consultant Gerhard Höfler has more than ten years of SAP consulting experience. As of this month, he has worked for maihiro for two years. But he has been keeping tabs on our company for virtually his entire career. He explains why in this interview.

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June 2020

30. June 2020

First joint partner status for maihiro & Accenture – Recognition in SAP’s Diamond Initiative

maihiro, part of Accenture since the beginning of this year, was recently awarded Cloud Focus Partner status for Germany and Austria. Now comes the first shared award. As part of SAP’s Diamond Initiative, maihiro and the SAP experts from Accenture were jointly awarded Focus Partner status for the DMI sector, for the SRV sector (FSI as well as SPCOMM), and for the CON - PLI and P&E - Public sales teams. The highlight: Participation on the Partner Advisory Council of SAP Deutschland’s Executive Board.

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19. June 2020

SAP CXM Hackathon: maihiro the Winner in the “Best XM Implementation” Category

Three months, three days, 13 Enablement Sessions, four maihiros and 20 competitors. The aim: The creation of an End-to-End Use Case during the first SAP CXM Hackathon. Our maihiros won the title „Best XM Implementation“.

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May 2020

18. May 2020

SAP Cloud Focus Partner status for maihiro Germany and Austria

For the second time in a row, maihiro, part of Accenture since February, successfully participated in the SAP Cloud Focus Partner Initiative and is therefore one of the SAP partners with particularly extensive expertise and growth potential in the cloud business. The partnership status applies to both maihiro Germany and maihiro Austria. A two-fold success.

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4. May 2020

VRM—thinking ahead with digitization

Prepared for the future: maihiro supports the media house VRM in expanding ist digitization strategy.

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