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April 2020

14. April 2020

Touchpoint misery exit strategy – In these times more than ever, keep the customer experience in mind.

Our Consultant Philipp Fischer is available to answer Questions on the Topic of “Company view vs. customer view” in Customer experience Management and what are the possible ways out of the experience gap.

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February 2020

20. February 2020

20 years of maihiro: Interview on its history and breakthrough

20 years but never quiet in the slightest: Quite the contrary; thanks to the new merger with Accenture, As part of the company’s anniversary trip to Mallorca, the maihiro Managing Directors Uwe May, Bernd Hesse and Marc Roes spoke about the company’s history and breakthrough.

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December 2019

23. December 2019

“Employees make donations, maihiro rounds them up” – Christmas giving

For exactly ten years now, the “Employees make donations, maihiro rounds them up” campaign has been running at maihiro every Christmas And, as in previous years, we have once again supported four charity campaigns as well as our long-term project ...

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5. December 2019

Field Report: Training as an IT Specialist

Our colleague Marc Stauß describes his  experience training as an IT specialist at maihiro.   What tasks did you undertake during your training?   Marc Stauß: “The focus of my training was the field of application development. As a ...

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September 2019

9. September 2019

New Customer: Verlag Nürnberger Presse – Management Consulting for Long-term Business Success and Greater Customer Focus

We welcome the Nürnberger Presse Druckhaus Nürnberg  GmbH & Co. KG (VNP) publishing house as a new customer in the field of management consulting.  The maihiro consulting team  thanks you for your trust and is looking forward to a...

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July 2019

17. July 2019

At a glance: C/4HANA Sales and Service-Cloud Updates

What does the 1902 and 1905 releases bring with them?  What´s new, adapted or dropped out?  How do the improvements influence useability  and what changes with the upcoming releases?  Check our overview for the answers. User ...

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June 2019

6. June 2019

Measure employee and customer satisfaction intelligently with Qualtrics

As an Experience Management Platform, Qualtrics is the perfect fit  for a SAP C/4HANA strategy. In addition to the operative data from C/4,  the tool also delivers KPIs to ensure customer success .  Data on Employment Engagement, User...

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March 2019

4. March 2019

Approach customers successfully with integrated campaign management | Free Whitepaper

The customer is the focus. Attracting, retaining or regaining the customer is the goal of marketing, sales and service campaigns. Tips for a successful Campaign management Above all, taking a personalized approach is decisive for ensuring the ...

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January 2019

16. January 2019

Golden times for customers – maihiro reaffirmed as a SAP Gold Partner

Performance standard: high. Customer relations: excellent. Competence and strategic direction: first-class. Criteria that have enabled maihiro to secure SAP Gold Partner status once again this year. Audits & Training as requirement In 2016, ...

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2. January 2019

No cardboard cutout - Mondi invests in the digitization of sales

With the SAP Sales Cloud, maihiro designed and implemented a forward-looking CRM solution for the packaging and paper specialist Nobody needs to explain to the Mondi Group what customer centricity means. The global packaging and paper company is ...

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November 2018

26. November 2018

Coresystems extends SAP Service Cloud with artificial intelligence – maihiro provides specially certified consultants

Zero downtime, maximum performance, low maintenance costs, and real-time service: that’s what today’s customers expect. With the acquisition of Coresystems, a leading provider of field service software, SAP is meeting this challenge. Artificial ...

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October 2018

19. October 2018

CX as a central element for gaining a competitive advantage. The customer in focus – insights from SAP CXLive Barcelona 2018

Europe's largest software manufacturer impressively demonstrated that its portfolio of recent acquisitions has captured the pulse of the time and fully serves customer needs at the SAP CXLive in Barcelona. And the purpose is: to organise sales more ...

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