White paper: CRM to Go

SAP Sales Cloud as a package

  • Defined standard function
  • Project duration: 10 – 12 weeks
  • Fixed budget
  • Remote consulting

CRM to Go enables companies to launch a cloud CRM solution in less than three months. Thanks to active participation in the project, and the expertise acquired as a result, companies are empowered to add further functionalities themselves.

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Industry 4.0, Big Data and the Internet of Things – traditional, predictable businesses are faced with today’s megatrends. New services and businesses need to be considered in CRM with the appropriate agility and flexibility. Cloud computing or CRM on demand is the solution. The problem: many decision-makers are afraid of time-consuming and expensive implementation processes. CRM to Go is a methodical approach to launching cloud CRM. An agile approach, the implementation of standard functions, clearly defined involvement of customers and ongoing process and task monitoring guarantee its realisation within just ten to twelve weeks. At WITTE Digital, SAP C/4HANA was even able to be implemented in less than ten weeks.

With the Wave Box, WITTE Digital can enable keyless driving and thereby addresses the needs of customer groups with vehicle fleets. WITTE controls sales with SAP Sales Cloud, which was implemented in just ten weeks with the CRM to Go approach.

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A rudimentary address management system was replaced at WITTE Digital by SAP Sales Cloud. Launched by maihiro with the time-saving CRM to Go process, the solution now offers transparency across all sales processes.

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maihiro’s CRM to Go is geared towards companies that want to launch SAP Sales, Service or

Marketing Cloud within a secure budget framework, in a secure environment and with a high level of consultancy.

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Why CRM to Go?

  • Streamlined system, which can be flexibly expanded through release upgrades
  • Ability to respond quickly to market demands
  • High degree of usability / focus on core functions

  • Employees empowered to perform software maintenance themselves
  • Short project duration (ten to twelve weeks)
  • Full cost control due to package price

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There’s no point in offering a very innovative digital product when you yourself lag behind the latest developments in sales.”

Andreas BunderlaHead of Information Technology & Process Management at WITTE Digital

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