23. July 2013

New CRM solution from maihiro optimises sales at Werner & Mertz

Marketing control and support for sales representatives with the iPad

The CRM consultancy firm maihiro has implemented a new CRM solution at Werner & Mertz GmbH, which is known for its brands Frosch, Erdal and Emsal. This extremely user-friendly application for the optimisation and system support of marketing processes includes both maiConnect for Microsoft Outlook – the groupware integration developed by maihiro – and maihiro route planning. At present, about 120 marketing and sales representatives, both in-house and mobile, are using the software in Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

In the new CRM solution, the functions previously used by travelling representatives via a web-based user interface are depicted, and the mobile application in particular supports marketing processes that must be available offline on the iPad. In addition to providing support for the field sales team, it will also facilitate better integration of other user groups such as marketing, office-based personnel and key account management into the system-based processes. By networking the technologies and optimising processes, errors like double records are minimised and processing times reduced. The field sales team can also record tasks more easily with the new system, and more effectively check the distribution of items to markets – supported by activity reports and questionnaires. maiConnect integration also facilitates iPhone access to business contact details of partners saved in the CRM, and you can also make changes on the spot.  

“maihiro’s proven CRM expertise and many years of experience in the consumer goods industry have ensured that we can now work with a first-class solution that saves us time and money,” says Michael Moser, Head of IT at Werner & Mertz GmbH.

On the technical side, the SAP CRM 4.0 solution has been replaced by SAP CRM 7.0, the same as the previously used SAP CRM Mobile Sales System. With this system update, there is also deeper integration into the existing SAP system environment, which creates a basis for better analysis. The mobile component of the new CRM solution is based on the SAP Mobile Platform and the “Retail Execution App”, a SAP app for iPad and iPhone. It integrates optimised visit planning and documentation, including route visualisation, geocoding and corridor search. The solution for intelligent planning of tours with visits was developed by maihiro in cooperation with the business consultancy ParCon and is based on the logic and map material of the PTV Group. Beyond this, the project team implemented maiConnect groupware integration, as developed by the CRM specialists at maihiro, for Microsoft Outlook.

“The solutions we developed ourselves, together with the best practice consultancy approach ‘CRM to Go’, help us not only to implement the requests of our clients, but also in making a name for ourselves in the consumer goods industry,” explained Uwe May, manager of maihiro GmbH.

This long-established company Werner & Mertz was founded in 1867. Its headquarters, product development and supply, marketing, management and logistics departments are all located in Mainz. Along with an Austrian subsidiary, it has additional sales companies in France, Spain, Benelux, Poland and Italy. Werner & Mertz also maintains global partnerships with exclusive distribution, joint ventures and cooperative projects.

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