28. May 2013

Optimum Marketing Support from maiConnect

Software from maihiro facilitates simple, fast integration between SAP CRM and Exchange/Outlook at the Munich chemical company Wacker.

The consultancy firm maihiro has successfully completed a project assignment from Munich chemical company Wacker to improve the networking of marketing activities. With the groupware solution maiConnect developed by maihiro, specialised travelling salespeople can access certain client information and make reports on visits, even when they are offline. This new software allows perfect integration of SAP CRM with Microsoft Exchange/Outlook – independently of the workplace.

This solution from CRM-specialist maihiro allows for the problem-free synchronisation of contacts, appointments and tasks between an SAP CRM system and Microsoft Exchange/Outlook. This information is available at any time through Outlook to the sales managers and can be updated offline as well as online. Appointments include all participants, the relevant customer information sheet as well as the associated visit report form. Also available: central monitoring via middleware and an application log, and time-controlled distribution of important client information.

maiConnect was developed in close cooperation with the Wacker company. The first priority was to provide a program tailored precisely to the company’s requirements. The program’s first requirement was to be easy and user-friendly functionality.

“We are very proud that Wacker Chemie AG, as a globally operating company, has chosen our new software,” says Uwe May, manager of maihiro GmbH. “Since then, we have been able to convince other clients about our developments – that’s certainly proof for the quality of our solution.”

In the future (version 2.0), maiConnect will also include the initial upload of contacts, appointments and tasks from Microsoft Exchange/Outlook, as well as bidirectional synchronisation with laptops and also smartphones.