23. March 2015

15 years of maihiro - successful with integrated CRM

The prerequisite for this is the philosophy of an unconditionally integrated view of the customer

On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of maihiro GmbH, Uwe May, Managing Director of the consultancy firm for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Business Analytics, takes stock: “Our goal was always to view the processes and systems in the context of the people that work with them. Such an integrated approach is sometimes hard work, but it is also a great opportunity to provide customers with intelligent support through various different channels.” The result proves the consultants right: maihiro boasts more than 500 successfully implemented CRM projects and, today, is one of SAP’s Top 3 CRM partners.

maihiro GmbH was established on 23 March 2000 by the three partners Uwe May, Bernd Hesse and Mark Roes. The first letters of the surnames spell ‘myhero’ - a name that has become very popular in its slightly altered form. From the very beginning, the three partners agreed that the future of Customer Loyalty Management does not lie unidimensionally in technical solutions, but requires an integrated consulting approach that integrally covers the areas of sales, marketing and service, meaning from the point of view of people, processes and technology. “This wasn’t always easy at the beginning,” Uwe May tells us. At the turn of the millennium, for example, the prevailing opinion was still that technical support for sales, marketing and service had to be viewed separately.

In addition, in economically difficult times, the first cutbacks were made on projects that dealt with the potential-orientated subject of “Customer Relationship Management”. It has only recently become a generally accepted fact that Customer Loyalty Management can only work if processes are professionalised and viewed in the context of the people that work with them. “We are specialists in this field and, today, are among SAP’s Top 3 partners in the area of Customer Engagement and Commerce in Germany and Austria.”

In the meantime, the subject has been given the highest priority in the companies for which maihiro works. The clientele consists mainly of upper medium-sized companies with a minimum turnover of 300 million euro and complex marketing, service and sales structures. These companies can benefit from sophisticated technology, also enabling them to make long-term plans. “A project like that can even last up to a year,” Uwe May explains. “It’s more of a long-distance run rather than a short sprint.”

It is obvious that companies are no longer able to differentiate themselves from other companies on the strength of their products alone; the way in which they support their customers is becoming increasingly important. This requires innovative business management concepts that also make it necessary to restructure the organisation. Only then is it possible to successfully meet the challenges posed in the era of digitalisation - such as omni-channel customer support.

By 2020, the consultancy firm intends to continue its sustainable growth, to further extend its management consultancy department and to focus more strongly on topics such as digitalisation, big data, social media or mobility, in keeping with the constantly changing industrial requirements. Uwe May recognises a major trend, particularly in the collaboration with customers, that continues to gain considerably in significance. According to the Managing Director, the most important project for the future is the planning and development of new innovative products based on SAP cloud technology and the HANA platform. “Our goal is to establish ourselves as the market leader in the consultancy sector as a guide for the entire SAP Customer Engagement and Commerce Product Portfolio in Germany and Austria,” claims the Managing Director.

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