27. October 2015

Software alone will not solve marketing problems

maihiro strengthens management consulting expertise

Customer management software, particularly from large providers such as SAP, is becoming ever more powerful and user-friendly. Concepts such as mobile access make the systems almost inevitably more streamlined while costs remain manageable thanks to leasing models. But people often forget that software alone cannot solve marketing or profitability problems. The CRM specialists from maihiro have therefore been successfully implementing projects providing comprehensive consultancy for over 15 years. They are now going one step further and significantly expanding their offering in the area of Management Consulting, with a well-respected expert at the helm.

“Which strategic objectives do we wish to achieve with respect to our marketing and our customers? Which customers, channels and products generate most value? How should we differentiate ourselves from the competition? How shall we react to the increasing digital networking in the world around us? These are questions that need to be answered before a company begins to introduce new software. The important thing is to have a holistic understanding of marketing and to set it up accordingly.” This is how Erik Schmidt-Riediger summarises what he considers consulting to be all about.

The 41-year-old has been heading the new Management Consulting business unit at consulting company maihiro in Ismaning near Munich since September. He brings 15 years of experience in national and international consultancy with him. Key areas of his consulting work include strategy development, re-orientation of marketing organisations, and value-focused corporate management. He also knows what sales organisations, staff and companies need from his own operational experience. He started his career in the Siemens Group, where, among other things, he spent several years as Global Key Account Manager at IDS Scheer AG, a company that was Germany’s third largest software retailer with over 7000 customers in over seventy countries, before being acquired by Software AG.

“We aim to bring greater transparency, controllability and organisational efficiency to marketing organisations,” says Erik Schmidt-Riediger. “With the new business unit, maihiro is now able to offer its customers everything from a single source – covering all areas from strategic questions as to what the general approach for marketing, sales and customer service should be to ‘How do I implement that technically?’ to ‘How will I ultimately manage to control all that operationally while focusing on values, e.g. via systematic use of KPIs?’.”

According to maihiro’s CEO Uwe May, the addition of the new business unit will strengthen the company’s high consulting expertise even further. “The fact that we are going in the right direction is also confirmed by studies such as the new trovarit user survey ‘CRM in der Praxis’ (CRM in practice),” says May, “because it illustrates yet again that user acceptance of new systems can be low. In those cases, the IT and the corporate goals obviously don’t match.” Of course, software is getting better all the time, but what use is that if it does not really help the company’s sales management to improve performance? May believes that what the new business unit has to offer under Erik Schmidt-Riediger’s leadership can close the gap in these situations and help companies to re-orient themselves strategically in terms of their marketing and customer engagement. This is what the head of the new business unit has to say: “We help our customers to make their organisation more effective, to interact with their customers in a more focused manner, and to control their companies with greater focus on values. This improves marketing, sales and customer service for the long term. May: “That is precisely what we stand for.”

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