19. July 2016

SAP Gold Partner: “The best for our customers”

Consultancy firm maihiro has been a Gold Partner of the Walldorf-based company since the start of july

Many years’ experience with SAP software for customer management, satisfied customers and proven expertise in customising and enhancing SAP solutions have once again been rewarded by the Walldorf-based company’s PartnerEdge programme: In July, shortly after the awarding of its Recognized Expertise Certificate and following years as a Silver Partner, consultancy firm maihiro was upgraded to SAP Gold Partner.

“The Gold status doesn’t just fall in your lap,” says maihiro CEO Uwe May about this status upgrade. “Only those who can prove their expertise in SAP solutions, not just once but over the long term, can become a Gold partner. You have to constantly be able to show what you can do, regularly take part in training and undergo annual audits.” With the Gold label, maihiro, as a partner for sales, customer service and further development/customisation of SAP software, has achieved the highest level possible for a company of its size; Platinum status is reserved for multinational companies. “We’re proud that by offering our customers consistently good service, we’ve now also become a SAP Gold Partner,” says May. “We see this not just as confirmation of our current work, but also as the incentive to make sure that our customers get as much out of SAP as possible in the future too. Ultimately, it’s about leveraging IT to achieve our customers’ business goals as successfully as possible.”

According to May, this also includes the SAP product world, if necessary by customising in-house developments to meet customers’ needs. “With maiTour and maiConnect, we have two products that ideally complement the functions of the SAP product family. maiTour is a smart route planner that perfectly merges strategic and operative criteria in the planning process to calculate the best route for field staff - which is also geo-optimised, thanks to PTV. maiConnect is a simple, user-oriented groupware integration that links server-based contacts, tasks, deadlines, and e-mails with SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales.” This latest award is actually maihiro’s second Gold award. The consultancy firm’s Austrian branch is registered as a dedicated SAP partner and achieved this highest-level status around a year ago.

In its partner programme, SAP states that its Gold status certifies first-rate expertise in the implementation and customisation of software solutions, and that Gold Partners demonstrate a “strategic approach” and retain their status only when they “continuously exceed our requirements”.

Uwe May: “We’re proud that we’ve managed to achieve this. And in particular, of course, of our employees. Because it’s the daily work of maihiro employees for our customers that has enabled us to achieve this special SAP Partner status in Germany too.”

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