28. April 2017

"Reinforcing our services with SAP Hybris Service Cloud"

Metal construction wholesaler Esco offers its customers more than just the sale of fittings. With SAP Hybris Service Cloud, the company can now also focus more keenly on its service to support customers in the organization of maintenance - even though the ERP software doesn’t actually come from SAP.

esco offers metalworkers everything they need to do their job - from door systems, fittings and louver wall systems right through to sealants and adhesives. With its extensive range, the company with some 200 employees has become a leading German distributor for the construction fittings sector. And yet, esco offers its customers more than sales alone. The company also helps them organize the assembly, commissioning and maintenance of complex door, gate and window systems. To optimize its provision of this service, the company has opted for the SAP Hybris Cloud customer service module for customer software. CRM consultancy firm maihiro is helping out with the planning, assembly and installation of the system.


One of the decisive reasons behind the choice was the fact that maihiro had recently implemented the SAP Hybris Sales Cloud module for the parent company of the metal construction wholesaler. esco belongs to VBH Holding GmbH, a wholesale company for construction fittings that operates throughout Europe and has around 2500 employees. Oliver Maisch, CIO of VBH Holding GmbH, justifies the choice by citing the experience of maihiro: “What convinced us was the fact that maihiro has comprehensive process experience and knows its way around the SAP Cloud CRM very well indeed. This was unfortunately not the case with the predecessor with whom we first launched the project.”


maihiro’s expertise is particularly sought after at esco. This is because, unlike the German headquarters of VBH, where SAP has been in use as ERP software for a number of years, its subsidiary esco uses a Navision system. “On the one hand,” says Maisch, “the newly developed Cloud CRM applications from SAP don’t only work well with the ERP software from Walldorf; they can also easily be integrated into many other company software environments. On the other, we also have the expertise in house and have set up a staging area in our first Sales Cloud project, with which we can connect all the Navision systems of the subsidiaries with SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer.”


VBH subsidiary esco is already counting on certain things becoming vastly easier right from the very first implementation stage of the customer service module. These range from simple administration through to the development of new services. Until now, says Daniel Arens, project manager at maihiro, all services have largely been manually organized, a state of affairs which makes even simple search procedures into protracted affairs. The future intention is for all customer service processes to be mapped using a classic ticket system: What is already common practice in the software industry will then also be used to manage customer queries concerning esco’s gate and door systems. Automated e-mail notifications lead to even better customer service.


For the parent company, the esco project is a particularly interesting case. Firstly, as Maish makes abundantly clear, because of the interplay between the SAP Cloud product and company software from another software producer: "We opted for Cloud for Customer because we wanted to have only one CRM system across the whole company, regardless of which ERP is in use.” And it’s happening quickly too. The first stage of the customer service project at esco is projected to be usable by the summer. 

On the other hand, the project also has a strategic component particularly for esco, as the wholesale company intends to enhance its customer loyalty by increasing the service it offers. “We have comprehensive expertise concerning the practical use of our systems. And we also want to pass this expertise on to our customers,” Maisch says. “This will give our customers greater operational reliability, and these services perfectly complement our trading business.”