13. October 2017

More advice, a new slogan, a new web presence

Customer Relationship Management specialist maihiro is now “Your Customer Journey Adviser”

“Your Customer Journey Adviser” - the consultancy firm for customer relationship management (CRM) based in Munich and Vienna has responded to the ongoing development of its portfolio. A new slogan and revamped website now also show the world that expert management consultancy is at the core of what the company does.


“In recent years, we’ve added more and more consultancy elements to our range of services; I’m thinking here of e-commerce and, particularly, management consulting,” says co-founder and CEO Uwe May by way of explanation of the company’s decision to furnish itself with a new leitmotiv. What’s more, May goes on, the acronym “CRM” is now too closely associated by many marketing decision-makers with a pure IT solution. For this reason, he says, the old slogan was no longer up to the job of properly communicating the firm’s consulting expertise.


The decision to launch the new slogan only in English was taken quite deliberately. May points out that the consultancy firm’s in-house developments - the vehicle routing solutions maiTour and maiConnect, a solution that improves the dovetailing of Outlook and CRM-SAP solutions - are now highly sought after internationally. “We’ve presented them both this year in New York, Canada and Barcelona,” May explains. He also references the firm’s partner SAP: the international company based in Walldorf likewise sets great store by the English language. Not only that, but the term “customer journey” is used in almost all texts composed in German in which the authors are trying to put across the message that advice and software together cover all the bases for the customer.


In conjunction with the new slogan, maihiro has also relaunched its website revamped from top to bottom. Just as the slogan has revealed a personal touch, so too the new website is defined by a more emotional picture with illustrated figures, May explains. maihiro has moreover taken advantage of the opportunity to make the revamped site responsive, meaning that it can be displayed to the best possible advantage on any device.


Here you can also read a more detailed interview with Uwe May on this subject.