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„maiService“: Collaborative Service-Platform

Asset intelligence network, predictive service, machine learning: our interactive showcase goes beyond classic service and provides answers to today’s challenges in service management.


Find out how “maiService” supports you in expanding your service business.

Test your service scenarios

Service is the new Marketing


We live in the age of the experience economy and this means that only those who provide services quickly and effectively can gain a market advantage, increase customer loyalty and transform service cases into targeted marketing for their company.


Machine manufacturers in particular face the challenge of optimizing processing times and information flows in the service process, controlling these on an event-driven basis, often under time pressure, and allocating service technicians and spare parts around the world. 


What exactly does “maiService” show? 

The scenario networks operators (customers of machines and service-relevant systems and parts), service providers (of the systems, machines, parts) and the manufacturers of these assets.  



Close collaboration increases both the transparency and efficiency of systems, minimizes downtime and repair times, and enables repairs to be planned in advance. 


In this ecosystem, employees of the companies involved get all of the information they need in a user friendly way. 


In addition, new business models for service providers and manufacturers in line with “asset and result as a service” arise.


In the digital and networked world of today, where everything happens much faster than it did a few years ago, the demands on efficient customer service have also risen. With maiService, we have therefore created a platform in an complex project tailored to these changes. On this basis, machine manufacturers can expand 

their service business by optimizing processing times 

and information flows in the service process with the help of IoT, controlling them on an event-driven basis, 

and allocating service technicians and spare parts around the world.

Uwe Maymaihiro CEO Sales & Marketing

What technologies are employed?


maiService allows manufacturers of systems and machines to work collaboratively with their customers and operators and also integrate external service partners. This optimizes existing processes and, for example, reduces downtimes and enables repairs to be planned in advance. Employing modern IoT technologies, such as SAP Intelligent Asset Management, the SAP Service Cloud, SAP Leonardo IoT, AI and SAP FSM, creates the framework for mapping digital service business models.

At a glance: what does “maiService” have to offer?

  • A collaborative platform for operators and service providers
  • Optimized resource & parts management
  • Efficient service processes & predictive maintenance
  • Identification of vulnerabilities in design & production
  • Proactive development of spare parts & services offerings
  • New business models through extensive data base


If you are interested in an Exchange, please contact :

Enikö Kleeblatt

Enikö Kleeblatt

Lead Executive

If you have any questions about the "maiService" Showcase and want to know more, please contact me at any time!

Phone:+49 170 4120574
Email:Enikö Kleeblatt