New ideas and intelligent solutions are critical factors in achieving growth and long-term success for the company. Join forces with us to transform your ideas into reality. Together, we’ll develop solutions that will make your company more customer-oriented, more mobile, and better equipped to face the future.

Innovation management is an important process within any company. It creates the basic conditions needed not only to identify innovative ideas within the company, but also to develop them into market-ready products and services.

Our innovation process is founded on a lively dialogue with our customers and partners. This assures us that great, constructive solutions for our customers are being created. You, too, can benefit from our expertise in product development and innovation and process management.

It is fun to work together with maihiro on new and innovative topics that benefit all stakeholders.

Andreas Starke

Vice President, SAP Hybris Solution Management

Our innovation-generation process is divided into three phases:
Think, Evaluate and Implement

Innovation at maihiro

In-house product-
development team

To promote and encourage innovation at maihiro, maihiro has its own in-house product-development team.

Think Tank

Nowadays, most innovations emerge through teamwork. The Think Tank brings together maihiro employees from various departments to work on innovative ideas together.

Idea boards

With the intent of incorporating the entire company into the idea-development process in a purposeful way, maihiro has set up an idea board at each company location.

Product development with customers

In collaboration with our customers, we develop ideas further until they become feasible, constructive solutions.

Cooperation with partners

We work with powerful partners that enable us to optimally supplement our products and processes and offer our customers the best possible solutions.

Certified products

Our add-ons maiConnect and maiTour are SAP-certified and available from the SAP App Center.

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Our products

Think Tank

To promote active idea generation within our company, each of our locations features an idea board to which all employees are welcome to add their wishes and ways of approaching problems. These additions are continually being evaluated and taken further by an internal Think Tank team.

There is also an annual Think Tank Camp in Mallorca. This event offers plenty of time and an inspiring setting to generate the needed creativity. Every employee can apply for the three-day camp and, as part of an interdisciplinary team, hone their own – as well as totally new – ideas.

Methodology lets you be creative and innovative. The most important thing is to start by suppressing the urge to come up with “solutions.” You need to leave room for creativity and new ideas at first, and only start thinking about solutions later.

Christian PfistererProduct Owner

We’re always on the hunt for innovative solutions that will help our customers progress. In addition to our customers, we consider our employees to be valuable creative forces for the improvement of our services.

Timo SimonDirector Products, Innovations & Business Development

maihiro can also think outside the box. Simply adopting a different way of thinking, a different methodology, was extremely exciting as we encouraged the topic of innovation at maihiro. I truly see a lot of potential in this area.

Sebastian HaßlbeckSenior Consultant CRM

Thinking in new ways and assuming a variety of roles by opening our minds to new ideas, insisting on seeing our company’s shortcomings clearly, and not letting ourselves become set in ways of outdated thinking.

Robert ElslerSenior Consultant CRM


Timo Simon

Timo Simon

Director of Products, Innovation and Business Development

Seize this opportunity and feel free to contact me with ideas or questions about innovation. Let’s be innovative together.

Phone:+49 89 89085-122
Email:Timo Simon