Customer feedback management has never been so easy and revolutionary. Through the interaction of SAP Customer Experience solutions and Qualtrics your customer and employee relations can be broken down by each individual. What motivates the individual customer and how does he react to your measures in marketing, sales, and service? Are your employees able to react adequately? Listen, analyze, manage: with this three-step approach you can immediately see what is going right or wrong.  

As an Experience Management Platform, Qualtrics is the perfect fit for an SAP Customer Experience strategy. In addition to the operational data (O data) from SAP Customer Experience solutions, the tool also delivers important data (X data) to ensure customer success. Empirical data on employment engagement, user experience, and customer & product satisfaction are among the most important indicators.

Using the customer experience management formula (the combination of your individual O & X data) you can easily determine your personal experience management index. Based on this, you can derive and implement appropriate measures to improve customer and employee satisfaction for each stakeholder.

The Customer Experience Management Formula


The Benefits of Qualtrics

Using the right data in an intelligent way, Qualtrics can provide sort of a customer and employee mood barometer. Qualtrics enables businesses to make the right decisions, before unnecessary costs, employee dissatisfaction, or a bad reputation can negatively impact customer success.

Natural engagement

Ask for and create natural/ad hoc queries at every key moment of the customer lifecycle to increase engagement with your customers and gain insights more quickly.

Omnichannel feedback

Interact with customers at any of their touchpoints through natural, branded conversations conducted over the web, via text, email, and mobile applications.

Extended statistical analyses

Make advanced statistical analysis possible for everyone, from beginners to experts, to uncover the meaning of data, identify trends, and build predictive models. In a matter of seconds.

Gain deeper insights into your qualitative data

Use the latest technology and natural language processing to automatically uncover insights hidden deep within open text and predict the things that matter most to your customers and employees—in their own words. 

Translate insights 
into actions 

Put the lessons you learn into action—assign, track, and analyze them to optimize their impact on key outcomes.

Closed-loop feed

A complete closed-loop solution and automatic delivery of surveys across all channels allow you to effectively close the loop of use cases (call centers, transactions, B2C, B2B, and more) and gain insight into the process.

The customer relationship makes the difference

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"What is decisive is that the relationship with the customer actually makes the difference."

Uwe May

Managing Director Sales & Marketing


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