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Customer Feedback: 
First-hand Information 

The customer experience makes the difference. Through the interaction of SAP and Qualtrics you can break down customer relations to each individual customer. What motivates the individual customer and how does he react to your measures in marketing, sales and service? 


Listen, analyze, manage: with this three-step approach you can immediately see what is going right or wrong.

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"The Voice of the Customer: O + X = XM"

Customers often experience your products and services quite differently than how you think they do. Operational data (O) on costs, revenue, and sales figures reflect your business processes. But to find out why something happens you also need experience data (X), which helps you to understand the feelings of the persons involved. A company is thus able to automate measures across all business units in order to actively improve the customer, employee, product and brand experience.


Our e-book “The Voice of the Customer” describes the relevance of the emotional component in the relationship between supplier and customer, explains the topic of customer experience management (XM) and points out concrete potentials for medium-sized companies.  

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From Practice: How Marketing, Sales and Service 
benefit from Customer Feedback 

Customer feedback is important. There is no doubt about it. You just do not yet know exactly how you can use it in marketing, sales and service: Then let yourself be inspired by our use cases. The triple jump to success is always: listen, analyze, manage

Status Quo of Customer Feedback Management 

Is customer feedback management still in its infancy in Germany and Austria or is the topic already highly relevant in this part of the world? The current trend study of the renowned research institute teknowlogy Group provides answers to this question. 

100 department managers from sales, marketing, and customer service in Germany and Austria were surveyed on the following topics, among others:

  • What role does customer feedback management play for you?
  • How much demand is there for customer feedback management solutions?
  • How do users assess the importance of the topic in terms of future competitiveness?
  • What challenges do you face and where can external service providers be consulted?

The answers to these questions and useful tips can be found in the current study “Qualtrics: What SAP customers expect from customer feedback management”.

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If you are interested in an exchange, please contact: 

Enikö Kleeblatt

Enikö Kleeblatt

Business Development

Do you have questions about the systematic management of customer feedback or would you like to know how maihiro and SAP can help you achieve this? Then you are welcome to contact me at any time.  

Phone:+49 170 4120574
Email:Enikö Kleeblatt